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Benefits of Black Seeds Oil Kalonji, Nigella Sativa Oil

benefits of black seed

 Benefits of Black Seeds Oil Called Kalonji, Essential Nigella Sativa Oil

Recently, Nigella Sativa oil got fame as a natural nutritional supplement in America. In an experiment, it proved that Nigella Sativa oil is supper effective and result oriented natural medicine against all diseases.

Nigella Sativa has been using in Egypt and China for centuries. Now American scientist has approved this oil as essential and effective as having properties against a different kind of swelling and as antiseptic after a long time and experimental research.

Moreover, during the experiment, it seems clear the power of Nigella Sativa oil is more beneficial in diabetes and breakdown of the diabetes level in blood at lower levels as body required. It depends on use time of this oil.

This oil’s particulars produce the chemical called Interferon in the human body. This interferon protects the molecules of the whole body from cancer cells and also protects them from other bacterial and infections strikes.

Nigella Sativa Oil also stop the production of tumors and produce antibodies of creating B Molecules

In Islam, a quote is famous about the benefits of black seeds,

“Nigella Sativa has a cure against every disease in the world, except Death”


It’s also called black seed and used as herbal medicine and grows in Asia, Europe and has been used as spices in food. European countries have been used nigella sativa oil in the treatment of lose motion, stomach, and lung diseases. Liver and urine bladder diseases have been cure with black seed. In China, it has been used as anti-depression and anti-swelling for decades. China is now making herbal medicine with black seed and importing to the world.

It has properties like


As antioxidant element seed keep the metabolism save from syndrome effects.

Low the cholesterol

It controls the cholesterol LDL at the lowest point and increases the good cholesterol in the body maintains the strength of body tissues.

Fighting against Cancer cells

Nigella Sativa can fight against the growing cancer cell to kill with it anti-cancer properties.

Benefits for weight loss

a supplement made of black seed has been used on a set of people with high BMI for a specific 3 months’ time period. They didn’t report any side effects but reduce their weight in inches after 3 months.

Cure of Infertility

Nigella Sativa oil increase the count of sperm and movement of sperm in men’s health. It cures infertility with using oil and eating raw seed with warm water for a short period of time.

Black Seed Oil for hair

Black seed oil is using in Asia especially in India and Pakistan as spices in cooking and use essential for hair treatment. Hair nourishment from black seed oil is common in daily routine. Now European countries are using as herb treatment of hair.

Nigella Sativa other benefits are:


Kill all bad Bacteria

Recovery from flu

Open Dry Nose

Increasing breast milk in women

Balance the blood sugar regulation

Black Seed keeps the blood sugar at the minim level and stop to increase.

Prevent from stomach Ulcer

Boosting the immune system

Cure of Cough



Kalonji or Nigella Sativa has side effects also, people should use it in limit or have to knowledge before using it. It can increase diabetes or can keep the blood pressure at the lowest 6o points.

It has good and long-run benefits of black seed and can take raw around 5 to 7 seed with warm water after mealtime. It will increase the immune system and keep the immune system healthy as the body require. More article about spices, food, diet, vegetable benefits is coming soon.