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Doctor Patient Relationship: A Review 

doctor patient relationship

Doctor Patient Relationship: A Review 

6 years ago, a patient felt pain during the urine and went to his doctor and told him about the pain he was feeling from the last 6 days and now it’s getting hard to bear. The doctor said he is reached in his age where these kinds of pains will come, can aggressive. But the patient wasn’t satisfied with the statement of the physician had given.

Meanwhile, the patient’s friend told him to visit a website where more important information has given related to his disease. He visited the site and read the symptoms, conditions, and precautions about disease. He got test info and said to the physician to make sure the test for his pain. The doctor said he knew the test but didn’t tell you about it because there is no proper results came from that test. The patient got the result of the test in case of Cancer, really he shocked. This incident breaks the physician-patient relationship in a negative perspective.

Self Healthcare

10 years ago when the internet wasn’t as popular as compare today, these kinds of incidents didn’t happen suddenly. But it’s common now in western countries, a patient doesn’t believe in doctor as compared to a decade ago. Patients are complaining so much about the doctor and always try to change or switch to another doctor if they are not satisfied with the previous doctor. Which is totally wrong most of the time. A patient must keep believing in a doctor that he or she will cure you with seriousness.

Patients Bias

Patients have no tolerance. Intense feelings about self healthcare are one cause of bias. People know more about themselves than their doctors. The doctor always gathers the information of symptoms of the disease from a patient. The patient-physician confident relationship is most important for the perspective of disease and life.

Mutual Understanding

physician and patient must share information with each other for taking the decision about treatment with options. In this scenario, the doctor wins the trust of the patient and give options or ways to treat the disease. Its mutual understanding creates the opportunity to get not only well the patient but getting better knowledge and find the reason or cause of disease. This kind of relationship makes a strong bond between the doctor-patient relationship.

In England, during the period of 1900 to 1998, an increase in law suitcases against doctors abound 72%. Lower and poor standard of the medical treatment of these kinds of complaints or lawsuits against the doctor. Our practitioner has no practice on human psychology and medical assessment.

Trust Gap Between Doctor and Patient

But the reason, there is huge trust gap between doctor and patient and they are not delivering the proper and complete information to each other. Medically importance of doctors is the reason for the law suitcase against doctors. It has two reasons:

  • Frequently media pinpoint the mistake and blunder of doctor ever made in medical science so people want to know about themselves
  • Self-knowledge is the second reason for this gap between doctor and patient. Every literate person know the use of the internet as a requirement. The patient always tries to diagnose symptoms and solutions on internet. This is the current mindset of a patient who wants to be updated about their health and conscious about self healthcare.

It is very small true that very few physicians are serious with their profession and very keen to help out the patient in diseases but counted figures tell us about doctors love to make money and not serious to people’s health. Infect, trust collaboration between doctor and patient relationship is must either in therapy or in consultancy of the medication process. It is good to make a balance of trust among them.

A lot of physicians are happy to know that people are conscious about their health now but a decade ago people didn’t know much about their health. The Internet provided very optimistic knowledge of the world about general practice, especially about health and fitness.

Close Relationship

Online medicine or online prescription process brings the doctor to the patient very close because the patient tells the almost real symptoms or feelings about his disgrace health. The physician uses the briefing from the patient to diagnose the actual disease or cause of disease which helps the doctor prescribe the exact match medicine to the patient’s health

Dr. Kent Robertson from England says it is true that the patient did not respect the doctor now as like they did a few years ago but I have objection on it. The doctor is also a human, a mistake can be made but mistake can’t be tolerated in case of any kind of damage or loss to the patient. But we did our job with responsibility and excellent efforts.

Role of the Internet in health

The Internet did not create a gap among patients and doctors but promote a culture in which the importance of doctors has changed a bit less. In this scenario, we will see how the doctors will compromise in advance and internet communication and knowledge about health

In this regard, mike stone form patients association thinks, this change is negative perception. Now people realize their right of being healthy and fit in this world. It is the patient’s responsibility that they use this knowledge as a positive response to the physician which can help the doctors or they will criticize the doctors without any logical reason.


The doctor-patient relationship requires are a strong trust bond for curing the patient’s health.

The doctor must respect the patients and the patient must trust the doctor while sharing the information regarding disease and symptoms. The higher the strong trusty communication the higher the chance to maintain the doctor-patient relationship. Types of doctor-patient relationships may be different according to types of diseases. But in conditions relationship requires trust and loyalty from both sides. Patients can’t diagnose the causes or reason and cure themselves. they always need a doctor or physician for health treatment. I hope so this article tried to provide a healthful guide for both doctor and patient.