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How to Overcome Stress Active Solutions and Prevention

how to overcome stress

How to Overcome Stress Active Solutions and Prevention

How to Overcome Stress

How to overcome stress with social and personal life actives. These activities and practices will teach you to reduce unnecessary stress. Stress is emotional and physical tension. It creates when something going unexpected or against our habits or nature. We need to develop some life-changing habits forever for living a stress-free life.

  1. Do Prayers

Go to your worship place, just take bath before going, wear clean clothes, feel alone yourself, and feel GOD is listening to you. Dive into your deepest heart and feelings to connect you to GOD. Let flow up on feelings and say all your inner to GOD, and feel everything has GOD now for you. Everything will be okay now.

  1. Be socialize

Don’t sit alone, go to public whom you know, have friends, relatives, give them the time they will give time, it’s a supernatural habit to reduce stress and a way exchange emotion with each other.

  1. Do work smart not be a hard worker

Always do smart work, it’s the 21st era, the hardworking era has gone, don’t be a hard work to do one-two work in all day. Just try to make them smart to finish work perfectly.

  1. Accept the change

Things are changing very fast, even their natural ways are also going to change, this change is faster than our expectations. Don’t rude with these changes in life, accept changes with a logical reason and don’t be against otherwise you will be left back by time.

  1. Be active

Always try to be active in work time and don’t sit lazily until bedtime. Engage yourself in different sets of work. Do exercise at least 30 min daily. It will reduce your stress emotion to a lower level of hormones.

  1. Take control of yourself

Be your own boss even in job time, don’t let others drive you as they want. Get control of yourself and drive yourself in routine life. Others will put their emotions in you to take control. That may well take you in stress for while or for a long time. Learn how to overcome stress by controlling yourself.

  1. Take time for yourself

Try to take some time for yourself after family and friends. You have the responsibility for your own. Let’s think about it. It’s a serious matter in your life. Give time to yourself and just get relax in the meantime. It will make stress free even you should leave your mobile aside.

  1. Give positive activities to yourself

Get involved in positive only positive activities. Such as Book Reading, Prayers, Exercise, Meet with positive people, and take get-together

  1. Try to Think positive all the time

Leave pinching people about their activities and talks, stop yourself pinpoint only negativity around yourself. Just to garden, on a long drive, think positive about nature, people and things happening around. Everything in the world has a purpose and worth to be here with us. Don’t tease yourself or others for that.

  1. Don’t be aggressive

Don’t shout, don’t be aggressive on anything. Take time to response, quick response without thinking before will let you’re ashamed. Be calm, think before doing or responding, and perceive the actual picture of happening. Teach yourself to be calm. It has a different kind of exercise to be calm, like, mediation.

  1. Leave unhealthy habits

For How to reduce stress, take an analysis of your all habits and nature, or take the help of someone to take note down your analysis for you honestly, separate positive and good habits aside, pick negative habits or activities and remove them one by one. For this, you have to do some exercise, education, therapies, etc.

  1. Help others

From GOD, it’s a gift for human mankind, to help out other people. It’s also human nature. May be some didn’t feel it. But we all have inside. This part of nature will give happiness to those who do help others. Helping others is a fact gives happiness both people who take help and who give help.

This happiness will make stress free and will produce a positive chemical reaction which will reduce stress neurons.

  1. Accept the things you can’t change

Don’t try to change all things. We are human we all have a purpose to live in the world. Some changes are from nature that can’t be controlled by humans. Human-made changes can be controlled but all humans are involved in these changes. So if you want to change something do it as part of your life if something is there which isn’t in your control to change, just leave it for other people to change. Accept the things, activities that you can’t change. This acceptance will not let you get in stress.

  1. Learn to say NO

Most of the people have a mindset to say always yes to everyone specially jobbers don’t say NO if you want to reduce some pressure or stress, try to learn to say NO but with a logical reason. Logical reason will not let you down while say No.


Stress is two aspects, good stress and bad stress, good stress always support us to do things on time and perfectly. How to overcome stress means only bad stress always makes bad impact on our routine life. Above mentioned 12 solutions may change someone’s life forever or for a while. But these solutions have bigger impact after implementation. Try these once your life I hope you get better results. More articles to anxiety and stress control are coming soon.