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How to Prevent Obesity: Brief Reviews Causes Prevention

How to Prevent Obesity

How to Prevent Obesity: Brief Reviews Causes Prevention

Brief about Obesity

How to prevent obesity. Obesity is a complex disease that involves extensive body fat. It’s not a normal diet issue. Now it is a medical problem which increases itself to other diseases and other health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, stomach problems, even cancer have been found with the reason for obesity. It seems like the environment and personal diet inefficiencies.

But then here are some effective solutions for obesity problems and how to prevent obesity. Weight loss plans or strategies can improve the average health and diet can change the lifestyle of eating itself. Weight loss is much more suited to behavior and commitment with ourselves than medical treatment.

Medical Reviews

The American medical association (AMA) has officially recognized obesity as a disease a decision with profound consequences in the life of FAT people.

The centers for disease control and prevention estimates more than 37 % of American adults are obese.

Doctor Aronne, an obesity expert said medical researchers had long ago recognized obesity as a disease but said the AMA’s recognition and reclassification would have a tremendous impact on legislation in Washington and with health insurance companies.

While prevention is key he said if that doesn’t work we have got to implement treatment programmers are we are not doing that very well

Clinically obese patient’s treatment is not as simple as eating less and exercising more.

Once obesity is got the shape, it could be difficult for people to lose weight after that. The human body has a perfect mechanism inside to maintain the physical actual shape of the human body. Whenever the mechanism felt unnatural activities inside the metabolism and digest system, it brings safety measures against such activities to protect the inner surface of mass under the skin. Most of the time

As people gain weight carbohydrates and fat cells damage the stomach’s inner surface and skin, the intestine, and the brand, there is no mechanism inside the body that can tell you what comes inside and what is harmful to the stomach until or unless people fill up the stomach at the end. Which could the result of vomiting or harmful to the digest system?

Eat Less Walk More Strategy

This strategy works but most of the time it doesn’t because eating behavior much involve in the moving routine of our 24 hour period. Eating less always works on tough and strict plans. What eating plan we require for managing the eating less mission. An eating plan can vary from person to person and age to age which could start from after 12 age to onward around 60 years of age.

People have to decide their own eating plan as per calories they want to intake or as they need to intake. People who work 9 am to 5 pm can do it better because they just have only 3 times of eating with 3 to 4 hour interval time between mealtimes. It helps people to avoid needless intake of calories.

More important eating less is good, keep it mind with eat less but eat clean. In this modern era, theories are going to change in their context and replace the consciousness about eating clean. Eating less can’t work without eating clean. About eating clean I have a lot to say in an upcoming article.

Moreover, walk or move more part of this strategy need free time from your daily routine it could be before start the work or after completion of work of the day. I m talking about the employees actually.

How much walk time we need daily? It depends on people but at least 30 min hard walk after dinner and in early morning must add up in the daily routine. Running is much better than walk. But some people’s physical body structure does support running along, so they walk like running small steps on the jogging track.

People need to set targets with possible measures. Just find out the break up in the whole part of the acquired target. Ask yourself questions about why you need certain target? How you will define the process of applying? What are the steps that include in-process achieving the target of eating less or managing weight?

Weight loss management is tough chapter of obese people’s life. If people strict with their commitment to weight loss and do some exercise even at home can be beneficial which is possible to retain themselves in their shapes.

Obesity Reasons:

Junk Foods

Strictly avoid junk food like hot dogs, burgers, platters, Pizzas. people like junk food but this food provide huge amount of calories with them which stores metabolism and some used by the digestive system to make glucose for blood. Most junk food contains carbohydrates and fat which produce obesity.

High Calories Drinks or Liquids

Most of people like to be slim and takes a lot of carbonated drinks or juicy liquids but don’t bother to see the calories chart label on wrappers or on packing.

Move less Life

People who do jobs and doing 9:00 Am to 5:00 Pm job anywhere have the same common problem while doing a desk job, they can’t move too much to maintain or digest the food they intake at breakfast or at lunchtime. That kind of personal effect by eat more and less move theory and one day they hit the metabolic disorder and gain the weight on their body.

Out Time Meal

People take a meal on time but most of them take meal out time because of any reason. But such kind of people’s body makes a habit of intake even out of mealtime and gain weight as the result of appetite increases.

Over Eating

Increase in appetite, people don’t control eating and even sitting in front of the TV most of the people don’t concentrate on diet and make the stomach full of food. Which causes of store extra energy and fats in the body.

Genetics Influence

Sometimes obesity runs in families and transfers to generation by genetic effects. It is difficult to avoid or prevent obesity but a little bit cure is possible.

Lack of Sleep

Fatty people seriously disturb in sleeping while they get obese and their sleep goes out of time, in the night they wake up and most of the day time they sleep. Which is against the nature of the human body.


Harmons and fat cell in the body makes people less effective and work Burdon make people stressful in their routine. Stress is major cause of heart attacks in the world.

Health Problems

  • Heart Attacks or Strokes
  • Joint Arthritis
  • Digestive inefficiency
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Sexual Infertility

How to Prevent Obesity

Be Committed

Commitment is necessary for implementing the plan whatever you would like to start. The commitment must have in mindset


Exercises are the most important part of human life. Without exercise our body infrastructure can’t move or be active. Different types of exercise are available according to the body shape that people like to retain.

Weight Loss Plans

The weight loss plan includes different types of plans in itself. It’s a combination of supportive plans. Such as diet plan, exercise plan, liquid intake chart plan, etc.

Healthy Diet plan

Join healthy diet plans, join a fitness club or nutrition expert to make a diet plan for you. The healthy diet plan is the most important part of a weight-loss strategy. Healthy Food charts will provide the exact amounts of calories for living daily life.

Be Strict with Plans

Whatever you or your coach or doctor suggests your plans just focused on plan process and flow and fix the time with it. Don’t compromise in any case on plans. Strictness will put you in a hard schedule and gets irritated in starts but in few days routine will mark the standard time. It will be easy to manage.

Seeing Doctor

Whenever you felt fat gone hard and skin is going turn in hard in touches it will mean your metabolism makes the body outer skin tissues hard which stores fat cells and doesn’t dissolve in days. It takes months to retake the shape. Just make contact with doctors or physicians for avoiding serious obesity.

People make sure to strict on their plan even it is eating, dieting, exercise plans

Often seen that people feel difficult to be strict on their plans and get a loss of interest in implementing the plans.


People need to find the causes of obesity and therefore finding the symptoms of obesity should be on the first priority then it will work on how to prevent obesity. obesity relates to our stomach and metabolism system which produces fat with carbohydrates. Fat is the main cause of obesity. weight loss plan and diet plan always work after measuring the facts, symptoms, and causes of obesity. people need to focus on diet. in the next article related to obesity prevention measures will guide scientific causes and treatments of obesity.