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How to treat Dengue Fever Naturally

how to treat dengue fever naturally

How to treat Dengue Fever Naturally


People must have to know how to treat dengue fever naturally or medically. because it has no specific medicine to cure it. only antibiotics are available for relief from joint and body pains.

What is Dengue Fever?

Dengue fever is a viral infection. Dengue fever is not a common fever, it’s from a virus family which called DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN3, and DEN-4.

These four types of the virus have a different set of strength again human blood serum. These viruses break the clotting in the blood, change the thickness properties of blood. Which causes the bleeding inside the body. Lungs and heart affected badly. This virus spread by virus carriers like, human and animals which infected by female mosquitoes who infected by virus firstly. Each female can bite 10 to 15 people in one spell and take out the blood sample and insert into another body.

8 Major Dengue Fever Symptoms 

  1. Red spot on Skin
  2. 100F to 104F Fever
  3. Severe Headache
  4. Muscle Pain
  5. Joints Pain
  6. Tough Breathing
  7. Paling of skin
  8. The menstrual problem in women

How to prevent dengue fever naturally has one fruit for dengue fever

Papaya Cure of Dengue Fever

Anti-Malarial properties of Papaya are famous for fighting against malaria and dengue infection in bodies. Its healthiest fruit and increase the platelets in the blood which make the blood thick as the body requires.

It boosts the immune system against fever diseases. it’s the best way to treat dengue fever naturally.

Increasing the immune system should take some more Vitamin C and anti-oxidant fruits and vegetables like,

  1. Broccoli
  2. Kiwi Fruit
  3. Strawberries
  4. Lemon
  5. Orange
  6. Grapefruits
  7. Pomegranates

How dengue Virus Spread

It is the most dangerous to spread aedes virus in European countries.

It was started spreading with import logistic and international trade of used tyres.

Tires are most comfortable habitats place for a female mosquito to lay eggs inside the tires

Virus Life Span

Bonebrake virus can stay alive below 0-degree freezing temperature, and goes to hibernation, and can shift its places while contact to water.

Infected mosquitoes Feed Time

Virus Infected mosquitoes mostly come out from habitats in early morning time around 5 am to 8 pm its peak biting periods and evening when the sunset to around the whole night time.

Infected female mosquito’s eggs incubate cool, humid temperature and clean water stored or stopped in anything and place.

Carriers of Virus

Human and animals infected by dengue virus are the main carriers and multipliers of the virus, their blood can transmit to uninfected mosquitoes who take bites on their skin. That kind of mosquitoes becomes another source of spreading the virus within 4 to 5 days or sometimes takes a week.

Severe Dengue Fever

In severe dengue fever, body temperature goes to 104F, it is deadly due to rapid breathing, flu-like condition, organ impairment, Pain behind eyebrows, joint pains, muscle pain, bleeding gums, fatigue, blood in vomiting, red spots on the skin. In these symptoms, if professional care does provide to the patient, the death is confirmed because platelets go down fast and blood leakage in the body makes organ disturb in working.

Treatment of Dengue Fever

There is no proper and specific treatment of bone break fever. When fever turns into severe fever only specialist doctors and nurses should treat the patient. The infected patient needs special care because that patient is a virus carrier so he or she needs to be careful while taking a blood sample from a dengue fever infected patient.

Vaccine for Dengue Fever

Just study about how to treat dengue fever naturally is not enough if fever goes to the next level of severe dengue fever. Sanofi Pasteur produces the Dengvaxia the dengue vaccine. It got the license in December 2015 and health authorities have approved this vaccine for testing and WHO approved this vaccine in most virus-infected regions in the world.

8 Prevention steps from Dengue Fever

  1. Give awareness of dengue fever and tell the people about its dangerous effects and spreading ability peer to peer channel.
  2. Start campaigns community base against creating human-made habitat and make it an important activity for all.
  3. Remove all human-made shelters and unused storage spaces where female mosquitoes can lay eggs.
  4. Especially in tropical areas, people must remove water after use don’t let the storage place be open under the sky.
  5. Cover up all water storage places, water tanks, even small size containers with top.
  6. Apply effective pesticide chemicals for spraying in living spaces.
  7. In gardens, lawn and water pumping places must be clean on a daily basis
  8. Personally, people must have covered themselves with full sleeve dressing, close the windows in the early morning and after the sunset
  9. If possible, take vaccine treatment of dengue fever in prior if the vaccine is available in your area.


Severe dengue fever doesn’t have any exact cure if it gets spread in the body once. Only prevention and some sort of medicine like, antibiotics treat the symptoms but cannot cure the immune system which lost in the fight with viruses. Only 5% of people come out the wins the life from Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF)

People must do follow above mention prevention measures to keep save families from this dangerous fever which can easily spread just by bites of Aedes female mosquitoes.

When find the initial symptoms of dengue fever just contact immediately to the doctor and take a blood test for diagnosing if there is dengue fever. fever can cure in the initial stage it doesn’t stop then it can cause death.