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Remove 10 Killer Habits for Unhappy Person

killer habits of unhappy person

Remove 10 Killer Habits for Unhappy Person


Given below 10 killer habits of an unhappy people cant let come people out from their fear circle. People must know what is coming and what is going from their life on a daily weekly or monthly basis. This analysis will guide them to keep their life on a happy track otherwise life could be zig-zag or even can collapse. These 10 killer habits must remove for a successful life

  • Unnecessary Thinking


Most of the people have such free to plan for their life or sometimes for thinking about others. Even some people think according to something gona plan or happened but think hasn’t limit to stop. It totally depends on people’s necessity what are their targets. People must eliminate this habit to keep life management. Just think as require. Unnecessary thinking will waste your energy and time.

  • Fear of Change


Some people like to live with their comfort zone and don’t want to go out of it. They don’t want to change in their life or they have a fear of change. They think if they go out of their comfort boundary or adopt the change they will lose their job, money, assets, etc.

Fear of change can’t let people live happily. They didn’t think May there some bigger happiness or sources of a better life out there. Just come out this fear and enjoy a happy life with yourself.

  • Always Think About Past

Don’t think always about the past. The past has gone and the life cycle continues. We born, grown, older and will go to graves. This is our history of mankind. Leave the past behind, but just take some good time memories from the past. Always thinking about the past can’t let people enjoy the present time with themselves or with beloveds. This is the most killer habit of an unhappy person

  • Always try to keep happy others

Stop to keep always happy others. Living for others is a part of our life but it is good to do something good for others and keep them happy is God gifted sense of human. But not always. Take time for yourself and keep yourself happy first. Feel the inner happiness. If you are happy from inside you will always keep others happy. Otherwise not.

  • Feeling life Aimless and Meaningless

Always keep and focus on aimful life and meaning and purpose. Aimless life will bore you and will out of track you from your life matter. Always have a purpose before doing something good. People must have planned for their life.

  • Teasing self about mistakes of past life

Teasing yourself about past mistakes is a death of confidence. The past has gone and every single second is counting down without waiting for someone. Get up and go ahead, don’t stop at the past. Be on track with time. Because mistakes are learnings.

  • sacrificing Own Happiness for Others

Don’t always sacrifice your own happiness for others. Keep some happiness and share with others but not all. Your own happiness is gifted from GOD and only for you.

  • Living with Someone without Purpose

People in the world always wish to live life with someone. People make a relationship like, friendship, love, marriage but some people just focusing on making relation but doesn’t think about their purpose of relationship. Always think before taking a step. Life isn’t as long as people think. Make purpose, aim, and focus. Living without purpose is major cause of breakups.

  • Fear of Doing Something Different

People will live happy who will change themselves as time change. Fear of doing something different cannot let people do extraordinary work in life. Scientists, engineers, doctors, tech scientists, and experts always do research and try to invent something. Don’t feel fear of doing differently than others.

  • One-Sided Love

This is the most dangerous habit of humans. People see or talk to someone, then feel the heart touching feelings and try to exchange feelings with someone but they couldn’t do it. This incident makes a mind to produce a habit of loving someone alone. One-sided love is one cause of suicide in the world. People must avoid one-sided love. If you feel this kind of emotional feeling or touching emotions for someone just let him or her know immediately otherwise it could be a loss. Go and tell otherwise change the path from one-sided love if you want a happy life.


These 10 killer habits of an unhappy person must eliminate from our life if we want to live happily. Life is short and as humans, we have a lot of targets to achieve. We can’t stop or live with these above-mentioned habits or thoughts. People need to be bold to take fearless steps to keep themselves on track of happiness. Life is a GOD gift don’t let it waste. I hope so this article will give the direction to live happily.