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Mental Health Awareness: Something You Must Know

mental health awareness

Mental Health Awareness: Something You Must Know

Mental health awareness is an essential topic for every human to be known about it. What is awareness, everyone knows, but almost 70% of people in the world don’t give importance to their brain health. People always care about their physical fitness and health.

In 2025, mental health will be the most consulted topic in medical science. In this modern era, every human is busy and running on a fast track for achieving success. This world is the materialist world. The material will be destroyed one day. People are looking for that success which is not responsible for our health problems.

We have put our self in unhealthy activities of life. Jogging, Exercises, Gym, dieting, Etc. are not enough to maintain our life. In these unhealthy activities, human brain health is raising an issue in the coming decades. Human focused on physical health but not to Brain health.

Physical health is related to mental fitness. If a brain is working in a normal condition then everyone will be healthy by physical.  Brain controls the whole body, every organ and body parts are working under brain commands.

Mental Illness

Mental Illness always causes of low productivity in life even in every field of profession. Mental illness can dangerous to trigger other diseases related to main body organs like heart, lungs, kidney or liver.

Untreated mental illness can make patients’ expenses higher, poor performance in school, college, the university even in business or job. What possible effects you can face of Brain illness. This is a question you have to ask yourself in every turning or life-changing point or stage in your life.

Why Mental Health Awareness is Necessary?             

Mental Health Awareness is necessary is because people don’t feel the brain is facing disorder in itself but people think about every possible symptom which should be raised on the physical body.

People must consider that the brain rarely shows the physical symptoms until mental illness trigger any physical disease. I want to bring people’s attention to this point. Brain shows conscious and sometimes unconscious signals or activities which people must have notice and should compare with their routine life. Ask a question if this happened to anyone

Is there something gone wrong with us? Or some change is coming in their life which is not planed? The brain is complex machinery that has trillions of molecules and neurotically signals transmission system which controls whole nerves system of the body. Till now the above-mentioned detail has shown the need for mental health awareness, we must have.

What type of mental illness can occur?

  • Mood Disorders,
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Stress and Stress Disorder
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Panic Disorder
  • Specific Phobias
  • Fear Disorder
  • Nerves System Disorders
  • Specific Shutdown of Brain Part

Have you notice above mentioned diseases and disorders. Yes, this can happen if we ignore mental illness. Brain health awareness is now compulsory but doesn’t need to be crazy if you find some symptoms or signs of Brain illness.

Just need to go to a psychiatrist’s doctor and get a checkup with a brief detail of signs or symptoms you have found in your body or in life.

Family can support in this regard, if parents find any sign of mental illness or disorders in their child they must get mental health counseling and treat the child with care.