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Misconception and Difference between Food and Nutrition

food and nutrition

Misconception and Difference between Food and Nutrition

Misconception about food and nutrition is common now, people know about food but most of us don’t know completely about food. Nutrition is another part of the food that we intake in our daily routine. People think foods are enough for their body. Every food has its own nutritions and essential calories in it. Every person is different from another person.

Difference between Food n Nutrition


There is a major difference between food and nutrition. Food is raw thing produce by nature and human make them shapes as requirement. A lot of food are turned in different shapes when human made progress in technology. But original form of food is same as produced by nature.


Nutrition is extracted detail of acids, vitamins, fats, minerals, water, protein, carbohydrates, from food. Our body needs Nutrition. Nutrition is main requirement for our organs to operate in our body, and its daily requirement, nutrition deficiency and weak our body or body parts. Nutrition should be marks as a requirement neither too overdose nor low.

We eat a wide range of nourishments for sustenance on a daily basis for fulfilling and our taste yet not all nourishment food is similarly healthy or advantageous for our bodies. Our bodies require a sound parity of the considerable number of supplements every day which sadly isn’t accessible to us in view of our preference for quick food and nutrition. It is very simple to lodging about being occupied and not getting time to eat just those nourishment things that are sound and nutritious, yet the reality remains that we pay for what we eat today further down the road. The unevenness of supplements or the absence of supplements negatively affects our bodies and we leave shape as well as create illnesses that require a prescription. It is along these lines fundamental to focus on nourishment as well as the nutrition that we are receiving in return.


Nutrition, Food, and Health are firmly related words. Our wellbeing relies on what we eat. The nourishment that we devour may either contain the sustenance our body needs or none by any means. It is both the amount and nature of nourishment from nourishment that chooses our health. On the off chance that great health is at last what you want, it is essential to have a sound information about nourishment to have the option to eat what is useful for our bodies while simultaneously staying away from all the trash that we have been eating for our entire life believing it to be beneficial for us. The essential variables influencing our health are nourishment, yet additionally work out mean physical movement, sound rest and a casual disposition towards life. Be that as it may, we will keep ourselves kept to nourishment alone in this article.


What is Nutrition?

Huge numbers of us experience the ill effects of awful wellbeing as there is almost no comprehension of the idea, and shockingly, regardless of its incredible centrality in our lives, sustenance isn’t even a subject at school levels. As living persons, we have a body that has certain should perform at an ideal level. Nourishment alludes to the demonstration of devouring nourishments to help in the development and to supplant destroyed tissues. Nutrition includes providing for the body what it needs, not what we like to eat. The most fundamental prerequisites of our bodies are basic supplements like proteins, fats, sugars, nutrients and minerals, and water.


Presently few out of every odd nourishment thing has these large scale supplements in extents that our bodies require which implies that we have to have an assortment of food sources to satisfy our day by day prerequisites of these supplements. By and large, we have to eat loads of vegetables and organic products as they contain the nutrients and minerals alongside sugar, milk and dairy items for fat and proteins, and grains and meat items for proteins and a greater amount of proteins and fats. We have to maintain a strategic distance from garbage and quick nourishments at all expense, or if nothing else downplay them down to remain wellbeing and fit

Bottom Line

People must take food as per their nutrition requirements. Only taking raw food for fulfilling bellies are not enough. Filling belly can only give you time for till coming meal time but maybe it would not enough for your nutrition requirement what your body is acquiring.

Today in the world, we need to know about rich nutrition food for wellbeing.