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Screen Addiction Symptoms, Facts, and Prevention

screen addiction symptoms


Screen Addiction Symptoms, Facts, and Prevention


Screen Addiction Symptoms can be seen everywhere and in every person’s life, most of us are more crazy about technology and spend more time than usual people on the internet, gaming, TV, or on mobile. How to prevent screen addiction for this have to read this article step by step. People should be aware of screen addiction. this is a mental health issue. must discuss it with the physician or Psychiatrist immediately.

Disconnecting or Less Connect with Family

Always stuck in bed or TV lawn or in private keeping isolate is the biggest sign of screen addiction nowadays. Parents are complaining and families are disturbed by this kind of developing the habit of a child or in any family member.

Short Temperament

Irritation and short temperament have been found in screen addiction signs. People don’t tolerate others on an interception while they are screen. They don’t want to listen or talk while screening. If someone intercepts they may shout or talk less or don’t have face to face interaction.

Screen Media is Only Hope

Whenever family or friends want to keep an addicted person from the screen and want to keep him or she socialize and interact with other supporting or family events. They feel alone and they feel dull and boring. Their only hope is to screen whatever mobile or TV is there.

Occupied Brain

People don’t have control over their brain, they always think about screening and don’t want to think about other social activities. Always try to find other screen activity to keep themselves busy.

Loss of Interest Except Screening

Addicted people or child lost his or her interest in other things around them. Just screening is the best way and interesting thing for them. It’s a clear sign of screen addiction visible to family.

Losing Self-Control

Screen addicted people or children can’t control themselves from watching mobiles, TV or gaming. They gradually lose their self-control. They are captured by addiction and this the only their world. This is pure psychological issue.

Energize While Screening

If a screen addict child love to see screen or gaming on-screen even love to watch TV for long hours. Their energy doesn’t get low and they love to screen from morning tonight.

Late Night Watching

Addicted people or children feel happy alone at night time for their favorite hobby screening. Nighttime is because parents or family go to bed for rest and nobody interrupt while screen. Screen addicted people don’t want to know about time is going from night to morning. The dopamine chemical grows in the night time.

Love to Play War Games

People like to play war and torched games and adopt the mindset in real life. Most movies are made by game concepts like movie GAMER, people love to do the same they play games. This is a real picture of today’s world and this is happening in front of us all.

Screen addiction and prevention measures are mentioned below.

Screen Addiction Facts and Prevention


Parent or Family Doesn’t Have Much Time

Parents or family doesn’t have much time for their kids or for a family member. Parents are busy in jobs, business, earn money, parties, events, but doesn’t give much time to kids or to family person. This is a fact of screen addiction people must have to know and should review the time management and busyness of their life.

Husband Wife Relationship

One of husband or wife may be effected by screen addiction and doesn’t give time to each other. Attentions are a requirement of every human or beloved person. Family can get hurt by screen addiction. People should make a balance in relationship and time in life. Relations are live on emotions’ feelings.

Early Childhood Tech Environment

People give tech devices to their kids to early in their age, even mama’s turn on the TV for their infant babies while working home. People must keep their babies away from tech devices or TV at an early age of childhood. Babies gain and make habit of watching TV or computing at home. When come to age 5 to 10 their habits have grown hard and parent feels hard to balance their kid’s life. This is a serious and home to the home issue of regular life. This must be acknowledged by everyone.

Day Care House

People drop their kids to daycare homes while going to a job or to business. Daycare house has different activities including screening to keep kids busy and spending time peacefully.

 Keep out Addicted person or Kid from Home

People or parent must keep addicted child or person from their tech environment. Keep them busy in social activities and handmade activities. Give them assignments of work even at home.

Make Their Schedule

People or parents must make a schedule for an addicted person or child. Make their routine life schedule and give them time to work physically with friends or with family.


Always monitor the screen-addicted person or child’s activities and make a short time for the screen to start to keep them away. Sudden avoided can make them harsh with family so in start to be polite and easy doing with them. Don’t let them spend much time with tech. Monitoring must be done while seeing screen addiction symptoms.

Other Habits

Train addicted person with other habits like playing Cricket, Football, Baseball, Rugby, Tennis, Jogging, Parking, Family Events, Book Reading, Writing, Outing for refreshment.