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What is Rehabilitation: Types, Stages, Process

what is rehabilitation

What is Rehabilitation Types, Stages, Process

what is rehabilitation, Actually rehabilitation is part of medical treatment to cure the patients with hope and help with encouragement to make people strengthen mentally and physically Read more about rehab.

1          What is rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is the action of recovering something form damage or loss of something to its original shape. Rehab therapy cures the health issue with psychological exercise treatment with the patient. Rehabilitation is a name of treatment of psychology losses or damage to the human brain or body.

2         Rehabilitation purpose

The brain has a complete programming process of operating the organs of the body consciously or unconsciously. Dysfunctional activities or making unusual procedures of activities by brain need cure with rehab or with medication.

. The purpose of rehab is to recover the patient from his or her unusual condition to normal conditions either related to mental health or disorders or physical health issue.

3          Who needs rehabilitation

What is rehabilitationRehabilitation is the process of cure treatment that can recover and improve the abilities that humans need in their routine life. This could be physical, mental. People suffered from injuries, accidents, physical damage to the body parts, the psychological disorder can use rehabilitation therapy.

4         Rehabilitation process

Rehabilitation is the process is a combination of pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatment to cure the substance abuse disorders, the dysfunctionality of brain operations to the body. The process of rehab could be easy if it will easy to find out the individual patient’s reason or requirement. The process of rehab depends on its type require according to the patient’s condition.

5          How many stages of rehabilitation

Four Stages of rehabilitation

  1. Treatment Initiation
  2. Early Abstinence
  3. Maintaining Abstinence
  4. Advanced Recovery

6        Types of rehabilitation

There are three types of Rehabilitation

  1. Occupational Rehab Therapy

Occupational rehab therapy is the professional and skillful procedure of treating the patient to do the rehab process on schedule and task basis on a daily and weekly routine. Professional rehab therapist does this kind of rehab procedure of occupational expertise in different fields like self-care, work, education, and social interactions. In this category, the therapist follows the procedure and treat patients officially in hospitals. People most get satisfaction and solutions through occupational therapy.

  1. Physical Therapy

The patient who suffered serious injuries or physical trauma, need this physical rehabilitation to strengthen them physically and don’t let them feel helpless. Most of the body damages mentally disturb people after accidents, they can’t come out the shock of damage or broken. Then this kind of therapy gives them hope and support to move on in life. Physical rehabilitation therapy requires special intention for both patient and specialist because related to the physical body structure.

Pathologist treat following

  • Muscles disorders,
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Arthritis or Joint Pains
  • Chronic pains of the body
  • Birth defects in children
  • Trauma and surgeries of body
  • Burns injuries
  1. Speech Therapy

Most of the people suffered such tongue injuries or accidental loss of some portion of the face. They suffered from speech problems like voice and sallow disorders. This is the job speed language pathologist who specializes in speed therapy. Provide service to children speech disorders and Speech therapists use various techniques like facial massage eating swallowing exercises lip, finger or hand, tongue and jaw exercises for different patients.



Suffered people need rehab along with medication or even after medication complete.

People must join the rehab centers for treatment. More articles regarding rehabilitation types and processes are coming soon.